Some tips to help identify and resolve issues with ThreatPipes.

The scan log viewer

ThreatPipes scan log viewer

Each ThreatPipes scan records detailed logs about its progress and any errors it encounters.

The ThreatPipes UI provides the ability to browse and search logs for every scan.

To view these logs, select a scan, the select the logs tab.

You can filter and search logs in this view for specific issues.

The log files

All ThreatPipes logs can be found in the $ /var/log/threatpipes directory (Linux) or the users AppData folder on Windows (e.g. C:\Users\USER\AppData)

ThreatPipes writes the following logs:

  • access.log: logs web server info (inc. actions taken in UI)

  • application.log: logs errors with the core ThreatPipes software

  • database.log: logs ThreatPipes database events

  • modules.log: logs errors produced by each module