Some of the most common question we get from ThreatPipes administrators.

Can I install on Windows?

Yes. See the install guide for more information.

Where do I find my license key? Do I need one?

You do not need a license key to use ThreatPipes.

If you choose not to enter a license key, you will be limited to using certain features and running / storing a maximum of 10 scans at any one time.

License keys can be obtained here.

I am seeing lots of timeouts in the logs. What is going wrong?

Some services limit the amount of requests that can be made in any period of time by a host. In some cases this can results in timeouts like the following:

Fetching: https://psbdmp.cc/nXwRaya1 [timeout: 5]

Most ThreatPipes modules have logic to handle this behaviour and will automatically perform a number of retries until successful.

Generally these INFO timeout log lines are not fatal and the modules are working as expected. If you notice an error message follow, there might be an issue with the third party source.

I am seeing lots of errors in the logs relating to API keys not being set. What is going wrong?

Many ThreatPipes modules require API keys or credentials to authenticate to a third-party service in order to function properly.

Scans can still be started using a module that requires an API key, even if the API key is not set. If you run a scan using modules that requires an API key, they will return 0 or a limited set of results. It will also result in a number of scan errors.