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If you're a ThreatPipes user and have a question about how to use the product, you're in the right place.

About this documentation

Get up-and-running with ThreatPipes quickly using the examples in this documentation.

  1. Admin Guide: Read about the options available for your ThreatPipes organisation;

  2. User Guide: Learn about running scans and understanding the intelligence they produce;

  3. API Guide: Extend ThreatPipes using the API to import and export intelligence;

  4. Developer Guide: Build your own custom integrations and/or modules.

Where to get help

If you get cannot find an answer in our documentation you can reach our support team in the following ways:

  • Search: Don't forget to use our handy documentation search function if you can't immediately find an answer to your question. Best for understanding ThreatPipes functionality.

  • Slack: Includes the whole community of ThreatPipes users and staff. Available to all ThreatPipes users. Best for best practise and advice.

  • Email: If you have a paid support plan you can contact our support team directly. Best for technical issues or questions.